Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage

Getting in a car accident is stressful and sometimes painful, your healthcare after shouldn’t be.

If you were in a car accident (or bike hit by a car) in the State Of Oregon your expenses to see a complementary care practitioner are covered by car insurance.

What does that actually mean?

You can see a massage therapist with no out of pocket costs! Even if the accident was your fault! Under Personal Injury Protection you are entitled to up to 15,000$ worth of healthcare for up to two years after the crash for your injuries.

What do you need to do?

You will need a prescription for massage from your doctor or a chiropractor.

If you are in Portland Oregon and looking for motor vehicle accident recovery massage and need a doctor for a prescription, I work with some great chiropractors in the same office complex at Asha Wellness which also can see you with no out of pocket expenses.

Call 503-719-5000 or email me at to get started with a chiropractor, or massage if you already have a prescription. If you need an acupuncturist I can refer for that as well.

Steps for getting medical massage after your car accident:

  • Contact your primary care doctor or chiropractor for a prescription for massage. They will generally have a good idea of your needs, but as a baseline I recommend asking for 12 one hour sessions and scheduling 1-2 a week. If you would like to pursue acupuncture, have your provider include a prescription for that.

  • If you do not have a doctor or chiropractor I recommend calling Asha Wellness at 503-719-5000 for an appointment with a Chiropractor. I will be able to coordinate care with them making it an easy process for you that ensures the best results to get your feeling better. We can even sandwich your massage and chiropractic appointments together, ensuring your tissues are warmed up for chiropractic adjustments and making your day a little easier.

  • You will need the auto insurance name you are using to bill for care, incident claim number and adjusters name and phone number when you schedule. You can get all of this when you call your insurance to report the accident.

  • Contact me at or 503-719-5000 to schedule your initial appointment! After the initial appointment online scheduling is available.

What to expect for a motor vehicle accident medical massage:

The first appointment will have a little extra time added on for a thorough intake. We will discuss how your body is feeling and the accident if you are up for it. We will establish some goals towards getting you feeling better and a plan for the massage.

What if your body is feeling too fragile after the accident for direct bodywork?

Sometimes right after a car accident your injuries might feel too acute for deep direct bodywork. I recommend Craniosacral sessions until you feel ready for more. More information on Craniosacral can be found here. Overall, it is light holds and facial manipulations that can help with pain and calming your nervous system. Car accidents are traumatic and I believe that realigning your nervous system is an important part of healing from them.

My goal is to provide the best care towards getting you back to your pre-accident self. If you have any questions please reach out.