Lymphatic Drainage For Whiplash

After a car accident whiplash can be not only painful, but potentially cause long term problems. One tool for helping ease pain and heal injuries is manual lymphatic drainage.

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

It is a gentle, rhythmic hands on technique that moves fluid through the body. There are tiny lymph vessels under your skin. Using light "pumping" techniques a therapist can move your lymph through them, which carries away inflammation and brings down swelling. This promotes healing, causes blood flow and helps overall immune function.

What would it do after a Motor Vehicle Accident?

After an accident your body will be inflamed. You will have swelling and inflammation around anywhere that is injured and maybe even bruising. Manual lymphatic drainage moves inflammation out, allowing swelling to go down. This helps with range of motion and eases pain. Generally healing is accelerated as well. Blood flow in increased helping clear bruising out and increase circulation. It also regulates your nervous system and can be really relaxing. Car accidents can be traumatic, it is important to address your physical and mental needs after.

  • Pain relief

  • Accelerated healing

  • Increased circulation and blood flow

  • Decrease swelling

  • Decrease the time in the acute phase, allowing for more direct treatment sooner.

  • Nervous system regulation (Getting you out of fight or flight)

Is manual lymphatic drainage massage covered by PIP (Car accident insurance)?

Yes! It is massage and manual manipulation. It is covered under personal injury protection.

How is it done?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is done skin to skin while you are generally on a massage table. It is common to have pillows and blankets. A therapist will use gentle pumping like manipulation to move fluid out of the areas of injury. It is sometimes done as a full body, and sometimes just in a specific area. Generally the neck and stomach are always part of the treatment if possible. Usually a session is 60 minutes for a car accident. It is said to be very relaxing and a lot of people fall asleep.

What if the area I am hurt cannot be touched?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage does not have to be done directly on an injured area. It can be done on any approachable body area and still have great effect on the injured area.

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