Portland, Oregon

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and Craniosacral 


Film photograph of hands massage a back.
A film photograph of hands under a persons neck as they lay on a table. They are wearing a mask.
A film photograph of Dani Allen massaging a person on a massage table.

60 or 90 Minutes working muscle tension, regulating your nervous system and getting into problem areas. Cupping included.

Motor vehicle accident or MVA massage to help with inflammation, pain, injuries, whiplash and more. 

Gentle, rythmic manual movement of the fluids in your body to reduce swelling, inflammation and edema.


"The work she did really helped me get back to work and life."

"In addition to her knowledge of muscles/sources of pain and what sort of techniques best suit my needs, she is very professional and is very easy to talk to. I appreciate that Dani works at a place that caters to all body types too."

"Dani works wonders! I have tightness in my shoulders and neck from working at a computer and I felt so much relief from her massage."

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My Practice is based out of Asha Wellness at:

2100 NE Broadway St. Suite 225

Portland OR 97219

There is a parking lot and I am on the

second floor with an elevator or stairs. 

More information on my space can be found here